August 8, 2018

We are hiring. Why is Converge expanding its global footprint in times of market shortage?

2018 has been a challenging year for the electronic component industry. We have witnessed shortages like never before that continue to disrupt the supply chain on a daily basis. Technological advancements and data intelligence come to the rescue, but the simple truth is – human relations still play a significant role in the process of gaining trust, especially when times are difficult. 
In addition to providing intelligent and efficient solutions to the market shortages, Converge has dedicated this period to a substantial global footprint expansion.
Why now? In 35+ years of active operation in the electronic component distribution market, we have learned how much it means to our customers and suppliers to be able to “speak their language” and work with somebody on the ground who understands local markets and needs. We live in a digital era where technology allows us to virtually be wherever, whenever we need to be, but if you have worked in this industry, you know very well the impact of a vast global footprint on the customer experience.
Acknowledging this, Converge is continuously strengthening its presence across all regions. In the Americas, we now have offices in Texas and Florida, while the already existing locations in Massachusetts and California, as well as in Mexico, are significantly expanding in headcount. In APAC, the regional market penetration in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan is ongoing, and we are already looking into setting foot in the developing regions of Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Meanwhile, China, Singapore, and India continue to grow in order to support the high volume of activity. In the EMEA, new locations in Hungary, Germany, and the UK, as well as expansion in the Netherlands and Finland, contribute to the combined global pipeline.
Regardless of the geographic location, our teams work together to make a difference by impacting our customers and their markets in a positive way. As part of Fortune 150 Arrow Electronics, Converge offers a working environment of respect, trust, and growth with teams of the most tenured individuals. If you have experience in the industry and are looking for an exciting opportunity to accelerate your career, contact us today!